2021 General Guidance for Athletics

All sports will resume for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Athletic Directors, supervisors, and coaches will work with the school administration to plan summer activities in preparation for the fall season.

  • All practices must be held in compliance with health and safety regulations. Coaches will continue to follow all protocols currently in place and utilize any protocols developed last school year to the extent possible:

    • Communal water will not be provided. All participants are requested to provide their own bottled water.

    • Equipment, locker rooms, weight rooms, and athletic trainer rooms will be sanitized regularly. Hand sanitizer will be available to all athletes and coaches.

  • Full practice and competition schedules will resume. All teams will follow the protocols in place to ensure that students are able to participate to the fullest extent possible. Any experiencing COVID symptoms must stay home.

  • Live spectators will follow health department/CDC guidelines.

Groups will follow all protocols recommended at that time to ensure that students are able to participate in activities and events to the fullest extent.